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This Latina politician took some time off to chug on some hard gringo cocks on She gets on her knees as she is roughed up with cocks down her throat. She was given the “Yellow New Deal” right in her mouth as well. Once she was done getting smacked around and face fucked, she mopped up the floor to clean her slop as she gets pounded in the rear while her throat gets invaded by another cock. At the end of the scene, the guys unleashed their loads all over her face and sent her back to DC with jizz dripping off her face.

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Jasmine Gomez lived a rough life. With her parents not approving her whore lifestyle, she ends up getting face fucked on Bootleg abuses her throat, going balls deep and making her gag hard. The more the face fucking intensifies, the more her makeup runs down her face.

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Latina Abuse Lola Lozado

Tonight we have Lola Lozado, who is friendly and beautiful, qualities that can take you a long way in life. But she decides to throw her life away by getting face fucked and get treated like shit. She must’ve been the dumbest broad to ever sit on the LatinaAbuse couch as she’s being interviewed. Her face fucking was so-so. Pauly and Bootleg gave her the business end of their cocks but she fought them just to get it down her throat. She eventually lost the battle.

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Mandy Muse is an up and coming porn star, and at the age of 19 she knows how to work the business end of a cock. She does so well taking Pauly’s cock down her throat. The rough throat fucking was so intense, her makeup ran down her face.

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This hot Latina porn star, Sheena Ryder, is getting her throat gagged balls deep by Pauly Harker and David Loso. She is totally being destroyed as the guys take turns fucking her face, slapping her cheeks and spitting on her.

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Barato is a petite little slut who got her throat annihilated by Gio and Pauly Harker. She was subjected to the most extreme blowjob as she opens up her mouth and gets her throat completely destroyed all the way past to her tonsils. Her throat was fucked in all different angles, messing up that pretty face of hers with slobber and spit.

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Looking super sexy, this Puerto Rican whore, Danira Love, is here to gag on some hard cocks. She put an end to that awful stereotype that Latinas are notorious for being quitters. No matter how intense, she took the dicks all the way down to the balls with no problem, and with a few slaps to the face, she kept on rockin’.

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Desiree Lopez returns to push her limits, and this time around the guys raises the bar as this is one intense scene. Tommy Pistol and Gio is on the scene to run a train on her tiny throat. These guys don’t waste any time in making this whore gag, they annihilate her throat.

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Hunter Paige has a desire to become a porn star, but she’s going to be needing some cosmetic work. She needs to lose weight, get a boob job and a new hairstyle. Who wants to jerk off to someone who look like that? Either way this is a great scene. She gets completely humiliated and degraded as she is being attached to a trash can while the guys face fuck her. They show no remorse as they penetrate her throat and make her choke hard.

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Tonight’s Latina whore is Miguelina Acosta, who is a chubby whore with big tits. She’s here to embarrass her entire family by taking a big cock and she nailed it. She choked on both cocks and spilled the “beans”, literally. She sucked the cocks like her life depended on it. You can see that she inhaled the white dicks to the balls.

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